The Village of HOPE Foundation will provide high quality services in the following areas:

  1. Residential: In a family like atmosphere in comfortable and well-kept homes, households of five to ten people share experiences and responsibilities under the careful and watchful eyes of house mothers and resident aides for each home.
  2. Educational: The Village of HOPE School will provide children and youth the skills they need to grow into independent adults. The academic programs will focus on the individual needs of each of the student to ensure they reach their full potential. Apart from the residential students, the school will also extend its services to day scholars.
  3. Vocational: Adult residents attend vocational/ educational programs which will enable their integration into employment as well as lifelong earnings and self-reliance.
  4. Recreational: Supervised recreational activities allow the residents to experience the arts, trips, and sports events so that they remain mentally sharp, physically active, and socially engaged throughout the programs.
  5. Health: The residents of the Village of HOPE will have access to a complete array of services. All residents will be individually monitored and contribute to their health through diet and exercise. Apart from in-house medical staff, the residents will also have access to specialty healthcare in external hospitals.


Residential Life

Each of the residential homes at the Village of HOPE are equipped with amenities for comfortable living and includes plenty of natural lighting and cross ventilation. The homes have large living rooms, spacious kitchen/ dining areas where boys, girls, men and women live, share household activities and meals.

Every resident contributes in their own ways to make a secure, caring and home like atmosphere. Independence is fostered so that everyone may benefit from personal achievement. Each house is staffed around-the-clock by trained residential aides and the house mother who supervises and encourage the residents in all areas of development including:

  •  Social skills
  • Community Involvement
  • Health and Fitness
  • Food Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Housecleaning
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Safety Skills
  • Laundry




The daily schedule begins with breakfast. After making beds, packing lunches and other activities, the Village of HOPE residents venture out either to the Village of HOPE School or to organized employment opportunities in the surrounding communities.

At the day’s close, the residents take part in a wide range of leisure time activities. They also gather in the evening to prepare dinner, where everyone sits down together for a lively nutritious meal. They part take in household chores, other recreational activities, or one-on-one tutoring to round out the day. The weekends are filled with community outings, village activities, family visits, and time to relax and enjoy in the beautiful surroundings.

Adult work opportunities

Once the Village of HOPE residents reach the age of 22 and have completed their formal education, they are guided to take on adult responsibilities. Adult placement program is based on each individual’s interests and abilities, and trained counselors and social workers assist in this important transition.

It is the endeavor of the Village of HOPE that many of the adult residents will work in community employment or volunteer positions. Some of them will attend vocational programs which will allow them to set and achieve their goals, move towards independence, and interact with others outside the Village of HOPE.

Outreach and Awareness Creation

One of the objectives of the Foundation continues to be outreach and awareness creation. The Village of HOPE Foundation believes that most of the problems faced by the disabled are due to lack of awareness about how to handle those with disabilities and failure to recognize their true potential. Therefore the Village of HOPE Foundation strives to reach out to individuals and groups and organizations (both corporate and NGOs) to open up new opportunities for the disabled and challenged individuals.

Various lectures and student focused programs are carried out because today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders and citizens and working with them and opening up their minds to accepting the disabled into their midst will automatically open up opportunities for the disabled in the future.

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