The Village of HOPE Foundation is a registered Public, Charitable, and Educational Trust established according to the Indian Trusts Act 1882.

About Us


For children and young adults with special needs to lead a self-fulfilling and meaningful life, having access to high quality care, facilities, and love.


To provide Help, Opportunity, Participation, and Education (HOPE) to children and young adults with special needs, by recognizing their unique needs and enabling them achieve their full potential.

Value Statement:

We value the children whom we serve and the families they represent.


  • To develop a residential community exclusively for children, youth, and adults who are differently abled, have Down Syndrome and developmental disabilities.
  • Organizing awareness and outreach programs related to persons with disabilities,
  • Creating a sense of belongingness and worth to these individuals
  • Providing educational, training, vocational, and recreational opportunities for the disabled
  • Provide volunteering and community support opportunities for likeminded individuals
  • Take up activities to promote the abilities of the disabled, and the objectives of the foundation
  • Establish educational institutions, provide tuition and financial assistance, study materials, medical assistance, to poor and needy students of schools and colleges

Legal Status:

Registered under the Indian Trusts Act 1882 :Registration number 358/2012
Permanent Account Number (PAN): AABTV5888Q (08/08/2012)
Income Tax Act 1961 Registration under Section 12AA: DIT(E)No2(387)/12/13 – 23/08/2012 Onwards
Income Tax Act 1961 Registration under Section 80G: DIT(E)No2(387)/12/13 – 25/04/2013 Onwards
All Donations to the Village of HOPE Foundation are exempted from Income Tax U/S 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961

Accountability and Transparency:

The Village of HOPE Foundation greatly emphasizes the need for accountability and transparency in its activities and records. Accordingly it meets all audit mandates and required reporting. It constantly evaluates its own performance with a focus on efficiency and effectiveness in its activities. It complies with all requirements of public reporting and fulfils its obligations of public access to information.

Within a short period from its inception, the Village of HOPE Foundation has commenced its activities to make a difference in the lives of their beneficiaries.

Founder’s Message

Each night as I go to bed, I wonder what would become of my son with special needs after my time is up. He lives in a world where he is currently protected by those who know him most – his parents and siblings. However what would befall him after our time? What if his siblings are unwilling to take care of him? What if the society that we live in does not understand his unique requirements and are not ready to accept him into their midst?

I am sure that there are thousands of parents in India who share similar burden in their hearts. This is what got me exploring on the options, and what gave rise to the concept of The Village of HOPE. Modelled on highly successful residential facilities for children and youth with Down’s Syndrome and other developmental challenges in the United States of America, this unique village will hopefully one day be the answer that all these parents including me have been waiting for.

A village that has trained, capable, and empathetic personnel who know how to handle these children and young adults after we are gone. A village that is self-sufficient in terms of their educational, medical, recreational, and vocational needs. A place where our children will be safe and can live a meaningful and self-actualized life long after we are gone.

This led to the foundation of the Village of HOPE Foundation in 2012. We are currently mobilizing sufficient funds to procure the land and build our own customized buildings and cottages. In the interim we have embarked on various activities that are outlined in this website. Our dream can become a reality much faster through the joint efforts of individuals like you who can help us with your donation to source the funds needed to get this village built.

Join hands with us, and let’s remember that we are never alone.

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The Team

The success of any initiative depends on the team that is behind the initiative. While not every one comes to the forefront of each activity each day, their collective involvement and support ensures the Vision, Strategic Objectives, and the quality of implementation and services are carefully monitored.

Given below is a brief introduction of our founders and trustees.


Dr. Rajeev Mathew Thomas

Founder and Managing Trustee

M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.

A visionary with sound educational and management background, Dr. Rajeev is the Founder and Managing Trustee of the Village of HOPE Foundation. Having established successful organizations that provide services to the disabled, and other entrepreneurial projects that make a difference to mankind, he has initiated this pioneering concept of a residential village for the disabled in India. He is on various governmental and non-governmental committees and support groups for the disabled and their parents across the world. A management consultant by profession, he is also the author of various books including two world record entries.

As a parent of a child with special needs, Dr. Rajeev has dedicated his life to making a difference to persons with disabilities and their families around the world, and now wishes to bring his expertise of over 20 years to India through the Village of HOPE Foundation.

Prof. Dr. Christopher Mathew Thomas


PGDHR, M.A., B.Ed, M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.

With many years of multifaceted international expertise in various fields, in a career spanning various parts of the world, Prof. Dr. Christopher our Trustee is a renowned social activist, an author of over 7 books, a Human Rights Counsel, and most of all a great human being at heart. He is also a professor at an international university in Europe. He has dedicated his life to transferring his life’s knowledge and experience to the next generation through his books and activities.

As a grand parent of a child with special needs, he brings to the Village of HOPE a personal interest which ensures a unique combination of knowledge, wisdom, expertise, and passion which energizes the foundation and its team.


Fr. P. John Peter


M.A.(S.W.), M.Phil., Ph.D.

Our Trustee Fr. P. John Peter is a well known social worker with numerous years of on-the-field experience at grass root level activism and capacity building activities. He has spent all his life in the service of the weaker sections of the society, and the downtrodden and destitute.

Fr. John Peter has taken his fieldwork experience to the classrooms and is also a Professor and the former Head of Social Work at the Mar Gregorios College of Arts and Science. He is the Founder and Managing Trustee of Prem Nivas a center for the poor and needy children, and advisor to Sri Arunodaya Charitable Trust among others. He brings to the Village of HOPE all his experience and dedication which is bound to enkindle the spirit of service in the entire team.


V. V. S. Ramakrishnan


B.Com., I.C.W.A.I., C.M.A.

V.V.S. Ramakrishnan is our Trustee with intensive Financial Management, Accounting, Costing, and Auditing expertise. Ramakrishnan takes pride in supporting the Village of HOPE Foundation as part of his philanthropic commitments aimed at giving back to the society. His expertise adds great value to the team.


Dr. Ciby Rajeev Mathew



As a Trustee, Dr. Ciby Rajeev Mathew brings with her intensive expertise in setting up and managing a center for children with special needs in the Middle East. She has seen the establishment of HOPE Qatar from concept to reality as its Director, and is the key person responsible for the high quality and impact oriented training program at the center.

As a parent of a child with special needs, she brings to the organization a third dimension of personalized and individualized attention to details which is bound to reflect in the high quality of services at the Village of HOPE Foundation.


Ex Flt. Lt. Ms. Rency Thomas


M.Com., M.B.A.

Our Trustee Rency Thomas is a former Indian Air Force Officer from the very first batch of women officers inducted into services. She brings with her intensive administrative and management expertise having worked at national and international organizations and foundations, in government, private and Non Governmental Organizations. She is known to be a person with an eye for details and will adapt her knowledge to the best benefit of the Village of HOPE Foundation.


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Village of HOPE Foundation
118, Ramachandran Street, Vasudevan Nagar,
Chennai 600083, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

Tel: +91 44 24899010
International Contact: + 974 55842270

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