November 2016


Gurukulam Project Initiated

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We are so excited to announce the launch of our project ‘Gurukulam’ which will aim at establishing a first of its kind special school with a difference. In blending the traditional Gurukulam based teaching approaches to differently abled children, and to those children who wish to study in a stress free environment following a curriculum at their own comfortable pace, the Village of HOPE foundation would have taken a leap forward in bringing out the best in the students under its care.

We are currently looking out for suitable location and staff for this project. If you would like to be involved, please contact us. We also require your support through prayers and through donations to make this project successful and to have it implemented as soon as possible.


AccessAbility project launched

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Village of HOPE Foundation has launched its latest project titled AccessAbility which aims at making gymnasiums and health clubs in Chennai, TN, and then all over India accessible to individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities/ challenges.

A pioneering effort in equalizing opportunities for the challenged in India, we seek your support to promote this project and spread the news to all your contacts and associates. We require all the support to bring in the funding required to realize this objective. Together we can.

Remember to visit our specially dedicated website for this project at the following link:



Village of HOPE is now a registered NGO in TN

NGO Registration in India

We are so happy to announce that the Village of HOPE Foundation is now a registered NGO with registration number TN/216/0105314.

This registration under the government of India’s NGO partnership system reiterates our commitment to continue to work relentlessly to support children and youth with disabilities.

We seek your continued prayers and support in all our endeavors so that collectively we can do more for the ones in need.


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